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Insurance & Revenue

I provide receipts for appointments.  These can be done after each individual appointment or as one receipt listing all appointments attended.

You can claim back 20% of speech therapy fees through Revenue. 


If you have health insurance, you may be eligible to claim back a portion of speech therapy fees through your health insurance - please check with your health insurance provider to see if speech therapy is covered under your insurance package.  The amount you can claim back varies between companies and insurance packages.

Other Information


Speech & Language Therapy reports can be offered at the time of assessment or requested at any other time.  Speech & Language reports can be requested at a charge of 80 euro.  This price may vary depending on the information and level of detail required.

Home & School Visits

Private speech therapy appointments can also be provided at home or in school.  Please contact for further information about home and school visits.

Home & School Programmes

Where attending for private speech therapy appointments are restricted, home and school programmes can be created upon request.  These are individualised programmes that can be used instead of direct speech therapy.  Where a speech therapy home programme is indicated, you will be provided with a programme and an appointment(s) to demonstrate and discuss the contents of the programme.  


Prices may vary depending on the content and information required for your child's speech and language therapy programme. 

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